Soil Moisture Profile Probe


You need accurate soil moisture measurements from easily installed sensors without extensive excavation. Most profile probes require you to choose between ease of installation and removal, sensor accuracy, measurement volume, and durability. At METER, we weren’t willing to create a soil moisture profile probe unless it could meet all of these requirements. That’s why we made the TEROS 54.


There’s the hard way, and then there’s the right way

We designed the TEROS 54 profile probe to make every step of your measurement process easier—without sacrificing accuracy or durability. Soil water content and temperature sensors are positioned at 15, 30, 45, and 60 cm depths, providing root zone measurements without requiring soil pits or cumbersome sensor retrieval at lower depths. You get the convenience of profile measurements combined with the research-grade accuracy you’ve come to expect from METER.

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Get in. Get out. Get data.

Avoid the cost, hassle, and time of large drilling equipment and pilot tubes. TEROS 54 installation only requires a simple 2 cm borehole for the robust quad-fin profile sensor to then be hammered into the soil. This creates better sensor/soil contact for more accurate readings. Removing the TEROS 54 is made simple with the dedicated extraction tool, making this sensor ideal for annual crops that require sensors to be installed and removed multiple times throughout the year.


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Using multiple individual sensors in a large sensor network can create a cord management nightmare, requiring an overabundance of wires and using up all the ports on your data logger. The TEROS 54 alleviates this problem, connecting all the sensors to the ZL6 data logger via one wire while maintaining your ability to monitor individual sensors in ZENTRA Cloud. Best of all, the TEROS 54 is plug and play—no programming or wiring necessary.

A closeup photo of the TEROS 54 soil moisture profile probe

See the bigger soil moisture picture

Other cylindrical profile probes have a minimal measurement volume, only allowing you to see what is happening in a small volume of soil. The quad-fin design of the TEROS 54 creates a large measurement volume than the typical soil moisture profile probe, providing a more holistic view of soil moisture status. More sensors per data logger combined with more soil measured with each probe means you can build a larger data pool with fewer resources. And with ZENTRA Cloud, you can see all your data remotely in real time from the comfort of your own desk.

A closeup photo of the TEROS 54 soil moisture profile probe

Complete confidence in your data

Since 2001 METER has been dedicated to producing highly accurate, easy-to-use soil moisture sensors, but we haven’t offered a profile probe—until now. We made the bold decision that our profile probe had to compare to the quality and accuracy standards that environmental researchers have come to rely on from METER. With the TEROS 54, you can measure confidently, knowing your sensors are designed and constructed by scientists who understand the challenges you face and the importance of getting it right.

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Feature summary

  • Multi-depth soil moisture profile probe measures water content and temperature
  • Installs via a small borehole without the need of a pilot tube
  • Hammers directly into the soil for direct soil contact
  • All sensors can be removed at once with dedicated removal tool
  • Easy plug-and-play operation
  • See all your data remotely in real-time
  • Ideal for annual crops and soil that requires sensors to be installed and removed seasonally
  • Get more measurements per logger port
  • Larger measurement volume
  • Reduced labor during installation and removal
  • Accurate research-grade soil moisture measurements
  • Sensors provide profile measurements throughout and around most root zones
  • Robust design means durability during installation and through operation in harsh conditions

Water Content Features

wdt_ID wdt_created_by wdt_created_at wdt_last_edited_by wdt_last_edited_at Features TEROS 10 TEROS 11 TEROS 12 TEROS 54 ECH20 EC-5 ECH20 10HS
1 Measures volumetric water content X X X X X X
2 Measures temperature X X X
3 Measures EC X
4 Depths measured simultaneously 1 1 1 4 1 1
5 Individually normalized X X X
6 Can install manually X X X X X
7 ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:06 PM ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:06 PM Install tool available TBIT TBIT TBIT TEROS 54 Install Tool N/A N/A
8 Install via borehole or trench Either Either EIther Borehole Either Either
9 Quickest install/removal X
10 Maintenance-free X X X X X X
11 Compatible with verification clip X X X
12 Volumetric water content accuracy - generic calibration ±0.03 m³/m³* ±0.03 m³/m³* ±0.03 m³/m³* ±0.05 m³/m³* ±0.03 m³/m³* 0.00 - 0.57 m³/m³*
13 Volumetric water content accuracy - medium specific calibration ±0.01–0.02 m³/m³** ±0.01–0.02 m³/m³** ±0.01–0.02 m³/m³** ±0.02–0.03 m³/m³** ±0.02 m³/m³** N/A
14 Analog vs digital Analog Digital Digital Digital Analog Analog
15 Uses capacitance technology X X X X X X
16 Maximum measurement volume 430 mL 1010 mL 1010 mL 300 cm³ per segment 240 mL 1320 mL
17 Connects to ZENTRA X X X X X X
18 ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:04 PM ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:04 PM LEARN MORE TEROS 10 TEROS 11 TEROS 12 TEROS 54 ECH20 EC-5 ECH20 10HS
19 * Generic calibration - typical in mineral soils that have solution EC
20 ** Medium specific calibration - in any porous medium
Features TEROS 10 TEROS 11 TEROS 12 TEROS 54 ECH20 EC-5 ECH20 10HS

A photo of the TEROS 54 soil moisture profile probe

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