Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor


Soil is a heterogeneous system, which means small sensors may not provide good enough answers to your soil moisture questions. The larger 10HS sensor is better at averaging varying soil moisture and characterizing spatial variability because it averages soil moisture over a greater volume.

ECH20 10HS Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor

Extra large volume of influence

The 10-cm long 10HS has three times the volume of influence compared to smaller sensors, measuring one liter of soil volume. Most soil sensors that measure this much volume are 20 cm or longer, causing installation headaches. The 10HS provides the perfect balance between volume of influence and sensor size, installing easily into the sidewall of a narrow trench.

(Note: Want even easier installation? Many of our 10HS customers now prefer the TEROS 12, which also has a one-liter volume of influence, is even smaller, and can be installed with an installation tool for faster, more consistent, and mistake-proof installation.)

10 cm

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Fast, accurate water content measurements

The 10HS measures volumetric water content by means of capacitance technology. Its high measurement frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making this sensor accurate in a large range of mineral soils. Factory calibrations can be used in most typical soils with a saturation extract EC of 8 dS/m or less. (For soilless media, we recommend the TEROS 12 sensor.)

1320 mL
volume of influence

ECH20 10HS Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor

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Soil is highly variable in space. The 10HS soil moisture probe with its larger volume of influence can smooth variability and accurately characterize highly heterogeneous soil water content. It’s the perfect balance between volume of influence, accuracy, affordability, and ease of installation.

ECH20 10HS Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor

Get more for less

A special coating makes the 10HS soil moisture sensor resistant to salts. Very low power consumption and a high resolution provide increased precision over a longer period of time.

ECH20 10HS Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor and ZL6 data logger

Sublimely simple

Push the 10HS directly into undisturbed soil, plug it in, and start collecting data. It’s that easy with the METER ZL6 data logging system.

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Feature summary

  • Large volume of influence
  • High measurement frequency
  • Easy to install
  • Plug and play capability with METER loggers
  • Simple integration with third-party loggers as a single-ended voltage reading

Water Content Features

wdt_ID wdt_created_by wdt_created_at wdt_last_edited_by wdt_last_edited_at Features TEROS 10 TEROS 11 TEROS 12 TEROS 54 ECH20 EC-5 ECH20 10HS
1 Measures volumetric water content X X X X X X
2 Measures temperature X X X
3 Measures EC X
4 Depths measured simultaneously 1 1 1 4 1 1
5 Individually normalized X X X
6 Can install manually X X X X X
7 ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:06 PM ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:06 PM Install tool available TBIT TBIT TBIT TEROS 54 Install Tool N/A N/A
8 Install via borehole or trench Either Either EIther Borehole Either Either
9 Quickest install/removal X
10 Maintenance-free X X X X X X
11 Compatible with verification clip X X X
12 Volumetric water content accuracy - generic calibration ±0.03 m³/m³* ±0.03 m³/m³* ±0.03 m³/m³* ±0.05 m³/m³* ±0.03 m³/m³* 0.00 - 0.57 m³/m³*
13 Volumetric water content accuracy - medium specific calibration ±0.01–0.02 m³/m³** ±0.01–0.02 m³/m³** ±0.01–0.02 m³/m³** ±0.02–0.03 m³/m³** ±0.02 m³/m³** N/A
14 Analog vs digital Analog Digital Digital Digital Analog Analog
15 Uses capacitance technology X X X X X X
16 Maximum measurement volume 430 mL 1010 mL 1010 mL 300 cm³ per segment 240 mL 1320 mL
17 Connects to ZENTRA X X X X X X
18 ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:04 PM ariel.dearth 21/05/2024 02:04 PM LEARN MORE TEROS 10 TEROS 11 TEROS 12 TEROS 54 ECH20 EC-5 ECH20 10HS
19 * Generic calibration - typical in mineral soils that have solution EC
20 ** Medium specific calibration - in any porous medium
Features TEROS 10 TEROS 11 TEROS 12 TEROS 54 ECH20 EC-5 ECH20 10HS

ECH20 10HS Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor

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