Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering

You’ve got enough on your plate. You shouldn’t have to waste time on things that don't propel your project forward. That’s why we design easy-to-use, automated instruments for making more accurate measurements in less time.

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Field saturated hydraulic conductivity—why is it so difficult?

Inaccurate saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) measurements are common due to errors in soil-specific alpha estimation and inadequate three-dimensional flow buffering.


How to measure hydraulic conductivity—which method is right for you?

Hydraulic conductivity—What it is, how to measure it, and pros/cons of common methods.


Get more out of every field and lab session with our time-saving—and compliant—hydraulic conductivity solutions. The SATURO infiltrometer even combines automation and simplified data analysis together in one system. 

Get even more time back when you use our instruments together. The HYPROP and the KSAT use the same soil core, so you can take saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measurements and generate a soil moisture characteristic curve, simplifying both processes.

“​​The SATURO allowed us to do many tests in a short amount of time to establish a threshold of where good infiltrating soils and poor infiltrating soils were located. This enabled us to change the design on the fly.  The double ring infiltrometer takes significantly more time to do a test, and time is of the essence when the contractor wants to backfill the area and get things moving. It was nice to have a tool that got us the information we needed more rapidly.”

 – Jason Borne, geotechnical engineering consultant, Earthspan, LLC

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We're scientists. The quest for knowledge is in our blood. We've spent decades learning the best way to measure pretty much everything, so you can access a wealth of information.


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Hydrology 101: The Science Behind the SATURO Infiltrometer

Dr. Gaylon S. Campbell teaches the basics of hydraulic conductivity and the science behind the SATURO automated dual head infiltrometer.


Hydraulic Conductivity: How Many Measurements Do You Need?

Researchers are changing the way infiltration measurements are captured while keeping the standards of measurement high.


Soil hydraulic properties—8 ways you can unknowingly compromise your data

If your data are skewed in the wrong direction, your predictions will be off, and erroneous recommendations or decisions could end up costing you. Leo Rivera discusses common mistakes and best practices.


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