Lab instruments

A photo of the PARIO Automated soil particle size analyzer
A revolutionary new method for soil particle analysis. Automated, simple, and fast—with much less human error than traditional methods.
  • Automated Soil Particle Size Analysis
  • Lower measurement duration of 2.5h
  • Estimated error: an incredible +/- 0.5%

A photo of the HYPROP 2 soil moisture release curve laboratory instrument
Automated calculation of high-resolution soil moisture release curves and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity—in just days, instead of months.
  • Soil moisture release curves in days, not months
  • Curves with hundreds of points
  • Precise and robust. Easy to handle and flexible.

A photo of a WP4C soil water potential lab instrument
The WP4C measures water potential by determining the relative humidity of the air above a sample in a sealed chamber (conforms to ASTM D6836).
  • Soil water potential lab instrument with fast equilibration
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy to calibrate with saturated salt solutions

A photo of the KSAT saturated hydraulic conductivity laboratory instrument
The KSAT is the only easy-to-use automated setup for taking saturated hydraulic conductivity measurements in the lab. Best of all, it’s completely integrated.
  • Simplified saturated hydraulic conductivity in the lab
  • Everything completely integrated. Removes human error.
  • Easy to use & ASTM D2434 compliant

A photo of a TEROS 31 Lab Tensiometer
Nobody in the world makes a tensiometer this small, this simple, or this precise. Trust the TEROS 31 for fast, accurate point to point water potential in all your tightest spaces.
  • Soil water potential for the lab
  • Small and fast with extended range
  • Accurate zero-tension reading

A photo of the Vapor Sorption Analyzer
For understanding complex soil issues like clay behavior, specific surface area, and more the VAPOR SORPTION ANALYZER is your simplest, most accurate option.
  • Fast soil-water characteristic curves with hundreds of points
  • Works in the dry soil range (-10 to -475 MPa)
  • Set up a test in five minutes

A photo of VARIOS automated thermal dryout curves laboratory instrument
VARIOS automatically generates complete, high-resolution dry down curves with less effort and less cost, so you can focus on what you love.
  • Automated measurement saves time and effort
  • Two measurement methods: continuous and point by point
  • Automatic temperature drift correction

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