A photo of the SATURO field saturated hydraulic conductivity infiltrometer
We think you should spend less time on complex processes and more time being productive. That’s why we automated almost everything in the new SATURO infiltrometer.
  • Measures field saturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Fully automated and portable infiltrometer
  • Capable of unattended measurement

A photo of the mini disk infiltrometer unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
Get a more complete picture of highly variable unsaturated hydraulic conductivity with the infiltrometer that gives you more measurements for less time, less effort, less expertise, and less money.
  • Easy field measurement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Compact and simple
  • Reliable. Fast setup.

A photo of a HYDROS 21 conductivity, temperature, and depth sensor
Measure water depth, temperature, and electrical conductivity.  Low-complexity, low-maintenance, and low-cost design saves you time, hassle, and money.
  • Measure water depth, temperature, and electrical conductivity
  • Low cost. Durable. Simple to use.
  • Easy remote data in real time

A photo of the Drain Gauge G3 Lysimeter Dependable Deep Drainage
The Drain Gauge G3 is an easy-to-use lysimeter specifically designed to measure deep drainage over larger areas at an affordable cost.
  • Affordable deep drainage measurement with large sampling volumes
  • Completely sealed system protects from high water tables
  • Monitor solute fluxes with optional EC sensor

A photo of ES-2 electrical conductivity and temperature sensor
The ES-2 is designed to measure the electrical conductivity of water in a pipe or tank.
  • Measure the electrical conductivity of water in a pipe or tank
  • Pair it with a TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor
  • Understand the salts remaining in your soil or substrate.

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