How we work

Working at METER
More than an office

We believe that a global team brings a whole world of creativity. As inventors, we are driven to push boundaries to help our customers solve meaningful problems. Join us and advance your career METER by METER.


Take responsibility for your own success and that of METER. Work hard to see that it happens.

  1. We set and work toward challenging quarterly and longer-term objectives.
  2. We know our business units’ objectives and align our own with them
  3. We take personal responsibility for using all available resources to build the skills and careers we want
Outward Mindset

Respect for and interest in our clients and our METER co-workers.

  1. We are aware of and interested in the needs, objectives, and challenges of our co-workers
  2. We are committed to work-life balance and supporting families. Because of this, we offer flexible work hours and a highly competitive benefits package.
  3. We visit our customers to understand their processes, and provide tireless customer service
  4. We eliminate any activity that does not add value for clients

Provide products that fulfill or exceed client expectations.

  1. We use a deep understanding of science and technology to create products that are as simple as possible to install and use
  2. We use iterative development to improve quality and to continually improve the management system
  3. We test our products carefully before they are released to confirm they fulfill our customer’s expectations
  4. We invest heavily in intuitive user interfaces
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