Episode 33: Combating arsenic in groundwater and rice

Episode 33: Combating arsenic in groundwater and rice

Half of the world relies on rice for about 80% of their food intake. Unfortunately, rice is highly susceptible to the uptake of arsenic from soil and groundwater. To mitigate the uptake of poisons into the worldwide food supply, Mason Stahl, an associate professor in the environmental science policy and engineering program and the geosciences department at Union College, is utilizing machine learning and direct sampling to help mitigate dangerous levels of arsenic in our food. Join us in this episode as we discuss arsenic, uranium, and the global food chain.


Mason Stahl is the James M. Kenney Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering in the Department of Geosciences and Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering program. His research spans the fields of hydrogeology, geochemistry and water resources. I study how perturbations to the environment influence elemental cycling and the quality of our water resources. A main focus of my research has been on improving our understanding of the hydrologic and biogeochemical factors that result in the mobilization of naturally occurring arsenic from sediments into groundwater, which is a problem that threatens the health of millions of people around the world. One of the primary goals of my research is to help answer questions about how groundwater and surface water quality will change in response to natural and anthropogenic changes to the environment and what this means for the health of people and the environment.

Field Areas: Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, US

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