Episode 30: The Transformative Power of Precision Farming

Episode 30: The transformative power of precision farming

Advancements in irrigation, pest management, and other grower concerns are useless if they are never adopted. How do you gain the trust and by-in from growers to test new techniques and technologies on a large enough scale to prove viability? In this episode, we talk to agronomist Saul Alarcon about his success working with some of the largest tomato-production networks and how he has helped keep his grower partners remain at the cutting edge of water conservation, pest and weed control, and everything else that feeds into optimal crop production.


Saul Alarcon is an agronomist for Gradient Crop Yield Solutions with over 30 years of experience in agriculture. As part of the Morning Star Company, his research into plant health has been instrumental in developing crop models for growers. He obtained his Bachelors in biology with an emphasis in plant health from the Instituto Tecnológico de Los Mochis in Sinaloa, Mexico and recently received his Masters in agronomy from Iowa State University.

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