Episode 31: The fight against soil and nutrient loss

Episode 31: The fight against soil and nutrient loss

Achieving water balance isn’t easy, but it is critical. Whether you’re concerned with fields or ecosystems, understanding the balance between water, nutrients, and pollutants can be the difference between success and failure. In this episode, agricultural engineer and professor Erin Brooks discusses crop cover, the hydrological impacts of management choices, and finding the balance between field work and modeling.


Erin is an Agricultural Engineer and Professor in the Department of Soil and Water Systems at the University of Idaho. He obtained his bachelors in Agricultural Engineering with a Soil and Water Engineering emphasis at Washington State University, and then went on to get his masters from the University of Minnesota and doctorate from the University of Idaho, both specializing in Hydrologic Measurement and Modeling. Erin’s current research focuses on the management of ecosystems through the combination of field experiments and modeling. 

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