Episode 32: How to predict landslides

Episode 32: How to predict landslides

Slope stability is unpredictable — or is it? The risk of landslides threatens roads, rails, homes, and lives. Being able to forecast where and when slopes will fail means giving communities the power to keep infrastructure and people safe. In this episode, we talk with civil engineer Dr. Ning Lu about his experience studying slope stability. Learn about the breakthrough slope stability predictive formula he helped develop in this episode of We Measure the World.


Ning is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. He obtained his bachelor’s in Geotechnical Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology, and both his master’s and doctorate in Civil Engineering at John Hopkins University. He is well-known internationally for his work on stresses in variably saturated porous media, with his primary research interest in seeking common threads among basic soil physical phenomena, including fluid flow, chemical transport, heat transfer, stress, and deformation.

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