What should I do if my measurement is interrupted?
  • The test can be restarted, but please ensure that the computer is configured to never sleep. This will prevent the computer from losing connection during an overnight test.
  • Please also change Windows updates to manual to prevent the computer from restarting at night.
  • Ensure that all cable connections from the computer to the unit are secure, and the test can be restarted.
  • The test can be restarted from the Manager Tab on the LABROS SoilView software
How do I update the firmware of my VARIOS?
The LABROS SoilView software will post a notification if a firmware update is available. This will appear as blue text in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

To update the firmware, click on the notification in the top left corner. This will download the latest firmware from the METER website. Next, right-click on the VARIOS unit in the manager tab and select the Update Firmware option.


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