Cited Publications

Listed below are examples of cited publications for the TEROS line of soil moisture sensors. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Lo, Tsz Him, Daran R. Rudnick, Jasreman Singh, Hope Njuki Nakabuye, Abia Katimbo, Derek M. Heeren, and Yufeng Ge. “Field assessment of interreplicate variability from eight electromagnetic soil moisture sensors.” Agricultural Water Management 231 (2020): 105984. (Article link).
  • Jafari, Navid, Anand Puppala, Sayantan Chakroborty, and Burak Boluk. “Integrated Full-Scale Physical Experiments and Numerical Modeling of the Performance and Rehabilitation of Highway Embankments.” IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry (MetroAgriFor) (2019). (Article link).
  • Mohamed, Abdelmoneim Zakaria, Yasin Osroosh, Troy Robert Peters, Travis Bates, Colin Sanford Campbell, and Francesc Ferrer-Alegre. “Morning crop water stress index as a sensitive indicator of water status in apple trees.” In 2019 ASABE Annual International Meeting, p. 1. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 2019. (Article link).
  • Yi, Yonghong, John S. Kimball, Richard H. Chen, Mahta Moghaddam, and Charles E. Miller. “Sensitivity of active-layer freezing process to snow cover in Arctic Alaska.” The Cryosphere 13 (2019): 197. (Article link).

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