Thermal Properties Analyzer


There’s never been a thermal properties analyzer that gives accurate measurements under all conditions. Small sensors are fragile and face contact resistance. Large sensors and high-priced, steady-state methods, require long heat times, which drive moisture away from the sensor and alter the reading. Alternative instruments use one standard equation without making any adjustments for real-world conditions—plus they’re bulky and expensive. There’s simply been no convenient or affordable way to measure accurately. Until now.

A photo of the TEMPOS Thermal properties analyzer

Accurate readings at top speed

The new TEMPOS is different. We’ve ripped up everything in our thermal properties analyzer and reinvented it from the ground up to give you higher accuracy in much less time, at a price you can afford. How? Accurate thermal properties measurements have always been about complex mathematics. Recent scientific breakthroughs in how these complex equations are solved have enabled not only higher accuracy, but also allowed us to calibrate using significantly improved data sets—making this instrument more accurate than any other in its class. Not only that, improved proprietary algorithms enable the TEMPOS to make these measurements with an incredible one-minute read time (versus the usual 10 to 15 min).

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Thermal properties analyzer takes compliance to a whole new level

The ASTM 5334- and IEEE 442-compliant TEMPOS is engineered using ISO 2008 standards. It takes accurate readings of thermal conductivity, thermal resistivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat in many material types across multiple disciplines, from soil and concrete to insulation, food, plastics, lubricating oil, and even human tissue. The new TR-4 needle is designed specifically to be compliant with IEEE specifications.

Each needle produces only a discrete amount of heat, virtually eliminating the moisture movement (or free convection in liquids) that could alter a reading. Short heating times mean you can use the TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer to measure frozen materials and even fluids. No other analyzer on the market can measure frozen or wet materials accurately.

A photo of the TEMPOS Thermal properties analyzer

METER is trusted by

University of Idaho
Brigham Young University
Temple University
Campbell Scientific

For over a quarter century, thousands of scientists and engineers have relied on our thermal properties analyzer for measuring almost anything—and we mean anything. We’ve even partnered with NASA to measure on Mars. Wherever you measure, and whatever you’re measuring, rely on the TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer for accuracy, affordability, and simplicity that will make your thermal properties measurements easier.

A photo of the TEMPOS Thermal properties analyzer

One minute changes everything

Ambient temperature changes of a thousandth of a degree per second, the sun warming the soil for example, destroy the accuracy of thermal properties calculations. Unique from all other thermal needle systems, the TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer corrects for the linear temperature drift that causes erroneous readings. New proprietary algorithms allow the TEMPOS to make these measurements in as little as one minute (ten minutes for ASTM-compliance). And, these algorithms allow the TEMPOS to measure previously impossible-to-test highly porous materials such as insulation.

A photo of the TEMPOS Thermal properties analyzer

Backed by 25 years expertise

Twenty-five years of expertise on heat and mass transfer have enabled us to engineer the most simple, easy-to-use instrument possible. Unlike competitor instruments, which use a one-sensor-fits-all type system, the TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer automatically optimizes the reading for your material at the push of a button. And it’s ready to use, straight out of the box. Just insert the needle, select your material type, and start measuring.  It’s that easy.

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Feature summary

  • Measures thermal properties of soil, concrete, insulation, food, plastics, lubricating oil, human tissue, and much more
  • Improved algorithms increase accuracy
  • New one-minute read times
  • Measure thermal diffusivity and specific heat at a fraction of the cost
  • ASTM 5334- and IEEE 442-compliant. The new TR-4 needle is designed specifically to IEEE specifications.
  • Controlled heating ensures heat is constant
  • Test setup easier than ever. Results displayed clearly
  • Mini USB cable makes downloading data easier
  • Automatically identifies the sensor you have plugged in and illustrates heating
  • Extended battery life lengthens use time
  • Portable: use in the field or in the lab
  • Measure moist and frozen materials accurately
  • Short heating times ensure no moisture movement
  • Measures thermal conductivity of many fluids
  • Robust sensor needles limit breakage
  • Each sensor engineered for a specific material
  • Automatically corrects for linear temperature drift
  • Resolves temperature to ±0.001 ◦C

A photo of the TEMPOS Thermal properties analyzer

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