SC-1 Leaf Porometer
Stomatal Conductance

SC-1 Leaf Porometer

Most measurements in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum are fairly straightforward. Measuring stomatal conductance is not. And since stomatal conductance can’t be predicted from theory and must be measured, you need an instrument that’s easy to use. Presenting the SC-1.

A photo of the SC-1 leaf porometer

Complex science in a simplified package

Backed by solid scientific theory and 15 years of research, the SC-1 is designed to provide you with a simple solution to a complex problem. By measuring vapor flux from the leaf through the stomates, it enables you to tell the difference between transpiring leaves and ones that have shut down. High-speed results, ease of use, and a low cost mean more measurements in less time without blowing your budget.

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Accurate readings in seconds

Not only can you make accurate leaf conductance measurements in only thirty seconds, but you can calibrate the SC-1 in just a few minutes. After calibrating, simply clip it on the leaves you are interested in and start measuring stomatal conductance.

A photo of the SC-1 leaf porometer

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Quick measurements. Easy-to-use engineering. Low cost in the short and the long run. Save yourself time, hassle, and money with the leaf porometer that does all three. The SC-1’s breakthrough steady-state technology makes it the number one choice for stomatal conductance measurements.

A photo of the SC-1 leaf porometer

Field-ready solution

The SC-1 is simpler to use for a variety of reasons. It’s lightweight, so you won’t get fatigued carrying it around in the field (or around your neck, for that matter). What’s more, breakthrough steady-state technology means it doesn’t have any moving parts, making it easy and reliable to use. Plus, calibrations are simple to do, and readings can be displayed as either leaf vapor conductance or resistance and saved for downloading later (USB cable and utility software included).

A photo of the connection port for a SC-1 leaf porometer

Low maintenance device that won’t break the bank

There’s low cost, and then there’s lifetime low cost. The SC-1 is affordable to begin with. And because it’s also low maintenance, you won’t have to keep dipping into your budget to get it repaired when the pump breaks or a seal goes bad. These combine to save you money in both the short and long term.

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Feature summary

  • Accurate
  • High speed results (readings in 30 seconds)
  • Straightforward calibration
  •  Affordable
  • No moving parts
  •  Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Save and download data (USB cable and download utility software included)

A photo of the SC-1 leaf porometer

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