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METER delivers revolutionary products and services. We do this by connecting science, engineering and design to deliver precisely what our customers need.
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Measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

METER Environment is the world’s leading provider of advanced, cloud-connected, real-time plant-soil-atmospheric data that fuels environmental research at top universities, labs, government agencies, and industrial applications.
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METER Group strives to make sustainable impact. We are relentlessly working on giving back to our community. Learn how METER Group helps to solve challenges in environmental and food production causes.

METER Group is a leading global manufacturer of scientific-grade instruments, software, and services for use in environmental research, crop science, commercial agriculture, industrial, and geotechnical engineering applications.

We offer total environmental monitoring solutions including high-end environmental research lab equipment, soil moisture sensorsweather stations, soil infiltration testing equipmenttelemetry, and more.

We provide cloud-based software to simplify remote environmental data monitoring in scientific, industrial, and geotechnical applications and to help optimize irrigation, increase yield, and reduce crop disease and pest pressure in outdoor agricultural industries.

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