Tensiometer-Controlled Vacuum System LCD Display


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The VS-pro series of vacuum systems are capable of applying a constant or tension-controlled vacuum for long-term monitoring projects. Keyboard display allows for status checks and configuration without hooking it up to your PC. Applications include long-term monitoring, defined pore water sampling, defined leachate measurements, lysimeter sites, and tension-controlled sampling.

The constant vacuum method

The constant vacuum method is continuously maintained by a regulated vacuum pump. The vacuum can be set between atmospheric pressure and 85 kPa.

Tension-controlled extraction

A tensiometer measures the soil water tension.  The programmable vacuum station VS automatically supplies a vacuum in correspondence to the measured tension.  Due to the numerous functions of the unit an optimal adaptation to the sampling task is possible.


  • LCD display and keypad for basic status check and configuration
  • Continuous display of readings and status on the LCD
  • LCD backlight and multicolor LED
  • High accuracy vacuum pump
  • Two vacuum outputs
  • Selectable constant or tension controlled vacuum
  • Optimized for use with batteries or they can be hardwired and plugged into your power supply
  • Option for tensiometer input: T8, T4, or T5
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Integrated data logger

Optional sampling bottles and storage box

Soil water sampling bottles made of Duran glass, available in three sizes. Bottles are implosion proof, have a plastic coating as chip guard. They also feature a silicon rubber gasket with two connectors, and there is an accessory clip for upright attachment on walls. In the sampling bottle box, up to 6 sampling bottles can be stored. The lid is covered with insulating material, latches shut the box securely, and the suction tubes are led through sealed fittings on the side of the box.

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SUPPLY 10.5 to 15 VDC
CURRENT CONSUMPTION Operating average: Approx. 16 mA

Standby: Approx. 2 mA

While regulating: 50 to 800 mA

ANALOG OUTPUT 2 x 0 … 1 V, … 2 V, … 5 V
VACUUM REGULATION Range: 0 to -85 kPa

Accuracy: ± 0.05 kPa

MEMORY 5000 readings
DIMENSIONS 26 cm x 16 cm x 10 cm
OPERATING TEMP. -10 °C to 45 °C

A photo of the VS-Pro tensiometer-controlled vacuum system with LCD display

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