Drain Gauge G3 AutoPump

Drain Gauge G3 AutoPump

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When measuring deep drainage there are times when there may be higher volumes of drainage. Because the Drain Gauge G3 captures all drainage in the measurement area, the sample reservoir often becomes full. If water is not removed from the reservoir before it collects 61 mm of drainage, water will come into contact with the wick. If this occurs, sample water can be pulled out of the reservoir due to capillary rise, resulting in an under estimation of deep drainage.

We designed the AutoPump with these remote and high drainage sites in mind.  It automatically drains the Drain Gauge G3 reservoir into additional bottles on the surface for later collection or into the field at a point away from the measurement area.

The AutoPump is designed to sit on the surface near the access port for the Drain Gauge G3. The Drain Gauge G3 sensor or HYDROS 21+Drain Gauge connects to the sensor port inside the case. There is a cable gland on the lid of the AutoPump where the cable will be slotted through and sealed up to keep the case weather proof. There is another cable with a 3.5 mm stereo end that comes out from the case and can connect to the data logger.

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AutoPump Dimensions Length: 23.1 cm (9.1 in)

Width: 17.3 cm (6.8 in)

Height: 9.7 cm (3.8 in)

Weight: 3.95 kg (8.7 lb)

Tube Dimensions Length: 1.0 m (39.4 in) standard, custom lengths available

Outer diameter: 6.0 mm (0.5 in)
Material: Polyethylene

Operating Temperature Range Minimum: 0 °C

Maximum: 40 °C

Tubing Diameter 6 mm


How do I convert from mL of drainage collected to cm of drainage for my G3 Drain Gauge?
Since you already know the volume of drainage that was collected, the conversion is based purely on the cross-sectional surface area of the divergence control tube (DCT). The DCT area is 506.7 cm2.

Dividing your volume by the cross-sectional surface area yields the one-dimensional drainage. For example, 1000 mL of leachate volume is 1.41 cm of drainage.

A photo of the drain gauge G3 autopump

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