Cited Publications

Listed below are a few examples of cited publications for the ATMOS 41 all-in-one weather station. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Bahlol, Haitham Y., Abhilash K. Chandel, Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel, and Lav R. Khot. “The smart spray analytical system: Developing understanding of output air-assist and spray patterns from orchard sprayers.” Crop Protection 127 (2020): 104977. (Article link).
  • Genc, Derya, Jeramy Ashlock, Bora Cetin, Kristen Cetin, Masrur Mahedi, Robert Horton, and Halil Ceylan. “Analysis of In Situ Soil Thermal and Hydraulic Data from a Subgrade Sensor Network under a Granular Roadway.” In Geo-Congress 2020: Modeling, Geomaterials, and Site Characterization, pp. 142-151. Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers, 2020. (Article link).
  • Mutuku, Eunice A., Dries Roobroeck, Bernard Vanlauwe, Pascal Boeckx, and Wim M. Cornelis. “Maize production under combined Conservation Agriculture and Integrated Soil Fertility Management in the sub-humid and semi-arid regions of Kenya.” Field Crops Research 254 (2020): 107833. (Article link).
  • Altdorff, Daniel, Lakshman Galagedara, Joinal Abedin, and Adrian Unc. “Effect of Biochar Application Rates on the Hydraulic Properties of an Agricultural-Use Boreal Podzol.” Soil Systems 3, no. 3 (2019): 53. (Article link).
  • Chandel, Abhilash K., Lav R. Khot, Yasin Osroosh, and Troy R. Peters. “Thermal-RGB imager derived in-field apple surface temperature estimates for sunburn management.” Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 253 (2018): 132-140. (Article link).
  • Osroosh, Yasin, and R. Troy Peters. “Detecting fruit surface wetness using a custom-built low-resolution thermal-RGB imager.” Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 157 (2019): 509-517. (Article link).

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