Soil Water Potential Sensor


The newest generation of matric water potential sensor is now the quickest water potential sensor to install and remove, with the same high accuracy and low maintenance you’ve come to expect and trust from METER. Over 40 years of experience has brought us to the next evolution of simple and precise water potential measurements — Introducing the TEROS 22.

Continuous monitoring with seasonal flexibility

Choose an instrument that conforms to your installation needs instead of compromising your research. While trenching at installation and removal works for some, it is limiting for research areas such as agricultural environments and geotechnical engineering projects. That’s why the TEROS 22 is designed with the flexibility to be installed with a drill-mounted masonry bit or the traditional trenching method, making water potential measurements available to just about any application. Keep the sensor in place for years at time for continuous monitoring or remove seasonally, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing plans and work around seasonal agricultural schedules.

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A true full-range water potential sensor that’s low maintenance and low cost

The TEROS 22 water potential sensor is incredibly easy to use. It requires no maintenance, and it’s accurate enough for most applications. In fact, the TEROS 22 provides an even more accurate soil moisture picture than measuring water content alone. Plus, unlike water content, matric potential isn’t dependent on soil type, so you can compare moisture between different sites. Just like the TEROS 21, the TEROS 22 is surprisingly affordable and measures all the way from near saturation to air dry (0 to −100,000 kPa) making them both true full range water potential sensors.

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Expecting to see a high price point for the extra value we engineered into TEROS 22? No way. We offer them at a low cost so you don’t have to spend more money to get the coverage you need. And, because they use less energy and include a temperature sensor, you get even more value.

The complete picture

A water content sensor only shows the percentage of water within the soil but does not tell you how available that water is for uptake by the plants rooting in that soil. Combining water content measurements with the water potential measurements of TEROS 22 sensors provides the information needed to solve the puzzle of when to turn irrigation on and off. This soil moisture duo gives you control of exactly how stressed or well-watered your plants are at every stage throughout the season.

The power of potential

The TEROS 22 is a long-term monitoring solution you can trust. Each sensor is individually calibrated using a process that has been refined and perfected over the years. Save time and effort with the precalibrated TEROS 22. Taking these steps ahead of time saves you time and effort, making this sensor truly plug-and-play.

Installation without trenching required

Sometimes trenching is not an option in the location you’re hoping to measure soil water potential and with the TEROS 22 we say, “That’s ok!” While the TEROS 22 can easily be installed in the wall of a trench, it can also be installed with just an electric drill with a 16 mm (5/8 in) masonry drill bit and a level. Install however best fits your needs at angles ranging from 10-80°, depending on the installation depth. Whether your priority is minimal soil disturbance and easy sensor removal, or the greater depths achieved with trenching, the TEROS 22 has the flexibility to measure where you need it most.

Measure at various depths

We offer configurations that work best for your application. The TEROS 22 unit is 17 cm (7 in) or choose an extended sensor for depths of either 40 cm (16 in), 80 cm (31 in), or 120 cm (47 in). Need a different length? The base unit allows for your own tube of the desired length to be attached. This flexibility makes measuring water potential possible where other sensors cannot reach.

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Feature Summary

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Install via 16 mm (5/8 in) drill hole or in the side of a trench
  • Tough, long-lasting body
  • No recalibration needed
  • Low salt sensitivity
  • Affordable
  • Excellent range (sensitivity from 0 kPa all the way to air dry [-100,000 kPa])
  • Onboard temperature measurement
  • Plug-and-play capability
  • Use with the ZL6 data logger for remote access to data on the cloud
  • DDI Serial and SDI-12 compatible

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