Tech Specs

KSAT Tech Specs


Measurement Specifications
Measurable Ksat Values (min)
0.01 cm/d (0.004 in/d)
Measurable Ksat Values (max)
5000 cm/d (196 in/d)
Hydraulic Conductivity (Ks) of the Porous Plate
Ks = 14000 cm/d (5512 in/d)
Pressure Sensor Accuracy
1 Pa (0.01 cm WC or 0.0001 psi)
Temperature Sensor Accuracy
0.2 °C C (0.4 °F)
Typical statistical inaccuracy at constant environmental parameter and constant flow resistance of the soils
approx. 2% (in practice 10%)
Sampling Ring (also fits with HYPROP)
Volume: 250 ml (0.066 gal)
Height: 50 mm (2 in)
Inside diameter: 80 mm (3.15 in)
With separate adapter: 100 ml
sampling rings possible

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