How do I assemble the anemometer mast?
The anemometer mast is suitable to mount METER’s above-ground sensors: ATMOS 41, ATMOS 22, ATMOS 14, PAR, PYR, IRT, SRS, PHYTOS 31, ECRN-100, ECRN-50, and ECT.  For assembly, read: "Anemometer Mast Assembly Instructions."
How often should I recondition the surface of the PHYTOS 31 leaf wetness sensor to prevent UV damage?
METER recommends applying McNett UV Tech to the PHYTOS 31 sensor every 45 days. McNett UV Tech is sold separately and is the only 3rd party tested and approved UV blocking system for the PHYTOS 31.
What is the accuracy or tolerance of the PHYTOS 31 (LWS)?
We set each PHYTOS 31 (LWS) to read very close to identically when dry. Our specification is 318-321 mV at 3000 mV excitation. The sensor does not have a voltage regulator, so larger differences could be caused from an unstable excitation voltage. Because the sensor is not regulated, the output will be somewhat proportional to the excitation (2.5 to 5.0 V).


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