Episode 27 - The Battle for Earth: Cattle vs. Solar

Episode 27: The battle for earth: cattle vs. solar

Discussions around land use for cattle grazing versus solar panels have valiant proponents on both sides , but some question the debate altogether. Why can’t land be used for both raising cattle and renewable energy sources such as wind or solar? Ph.D. student at Colorado University, Taylor Bacon, joins us to discuss aviation biofuel, the colocation of agriculture and solar photovoltaic energy production, and the healing powers of running.


Taylor Bacon is a Ph.D. student of soil and crop science at Colorado State University. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton University with a focus on energy and the environment and a minor in sustainable energy. As a Ph.D. candidate, she is researching nature-based climate solutions, land-use emissions, and food/energy systems.

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