ZENTRA Mobile Apps

ZENTRA Mobile Apps

Get your data anywhere, anytime. ZENTRA apps allow you to check your data on a smart phone or tablet to ensure data matches up with field observations.

ZENTRA Utility

ZENTRA Utility enables you to interact with your METER data logger over a Bluetooth Low-Energy wireless connection. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can view information about the logger and attached sensors, configure the logger according to your needs, and test long-range telemetry communications.

ZENTRA Utility App (Android)

ZENTRA Utility App (iOS)

ZENTRA Cloud Field

ZENTRA Cloud Field enables you to view the status of field data while on the go. View logger battery strength, latest sensor measurements, and all of the charts from the customizable dashboard on ZENTRA Cloud. Also receive notifications in the app from user-defined measurement target ranges.

ZENTRA Cloud Field App (Android)

ZENTRA Cloud Field App (iOS)

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