How to Interpret Soil Moisture Release Curve Data

How to interpret soil moisture release curve data

If you know what to look for, you can harness powerful insights from a soil moisture release curve. But if you’re using the wrong instrumentation, don’t have the correct tools to evaluate the curve, or choose the wrong model to fit the curve, your insights can be drastically wrong. And those errors are only amplified when put into a hydrology model.

In this 30-minute webinar, research scientist and Director of Scientific Outreach, Leo Rivera, illustrates what insights you can glean from your soil moisture release curve data and how to get everything you can from this soil fingerprint. He’ll discuss:

  • What a soil moisture release curve is
  • What information a soil moisture release curve can provide about your soil
  • The predictions you can make using a soil moisture release curve
  • What tools you need to achieve the specific results you desire
  • How to choose the right model to fit your curve
  • How to interpret data from soilless media

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Our scientists have decades of experience helping researchers and growers measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.


Leo Rivera operates as a research scientist and Director of Science Outreach at METER Group, the world leader in soil moisture measurement. He earned his undergraduate degree in Agriculture Systems Management at Texas A&M University, where he also got his Master’s degree in Soil Science. There he helped develop an infiltration system for measuring hydraulic conductivity used by the NRCS in Texas. Currently, Leo is the force behind application development in METER’s hydrology instrumentation including HYPROP and WP4C. He also works in R&D to explore new instrumentation for water and nutrient movement in soil.


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