ECRN-50 Rain Gauge (Low Resolution)

ECRN-50 Rain Gauge

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Low-resolution rain gauge

Rain gauge for measuring irrigation events. (For all-in-one weather monitoring, see the ATMOS 41 weather station)

Configure as volume gauge

The ECRN-50 can be reconfigured to measure the output of irrigation systems in terms of either gallons or liters per hour.

Single spoon mechanism

The single-spoon mechanism tips at 1 mm of precipitation/ irrigation; accuracy is ±2%.


Made of durable plastic that is UV, water, and frost-resistant.

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GSA View GSA details
Resolution 1 tip
Sensor type Single-spoon tipping bucket
Volume per tip 5.0 ml/tip
Rainfall per tip 1 mm
Output Pulse
Case material ABS
Operating environment 0 °C to 60 °C
Cable length 5 m
Cable connector types 3.5 mm “stereo” plug
Sensor dimensions 5 cm x 10 cm
Data logger compatibility (not exclusive) METER EM50/EM60 series, ZL6 series, ZSC, ProCheck, METER Em5b*

*NOTE: The older model ECRN Rain Gauge used with Em5 loggers is not compatible with the EM50

Prop 56 warning

Warranty One year, parts and labor


How do I check the calibration and then recalibrate the ECRN-50 or ECRN-100 tipping bucket rain gauge?
The tipping bucket rain gauges have small stops that can be adjusted such that the bucket tips after the appropriate volume of water was collected in the bucket. Calibrate ECRN-50 when wet because a little water remains in the cup. Volume-per-tip values can be found in the rain gauge quick start guides below:

How do I assemble the anemometer mast?
The anemometer mast is suitable to mount METER’s above-ground sensors: ATMOS 41, ATMOS 22, ATMOS 14, PAR, PYR, IRT, SRS, PHYTOS 31, ECRN-100, ECRN-50, and ECT.  For assembly, read: "Anemometer Mast Assembly Instructions."
What is the volume per tip for the ECRN-50?
ECRN-50 volume per tip: 5.0 ml/tip

Rainfall per tip: 1 mm/tip

A photo of the ECRN-50 rain gauge low resolution

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