Office Hours 10: Stomatal conductance and LAI

Office Hours 10: Stomatal conductance and LAI

Your canopy is trying to tell you something! Are you listening?

There is a lot the canopy can tell you about the plant’s health and productivity, if you know what you’re looking for. But what are stomatal conductance and LAI? How can these measurements reveal information your research could be missing? Join Chris Chambers and Jeff Ritter in this episode of Office Hours where they answer all your questions, including:

  • What is stomatal conductance?
  • How can stomatal conductance be used to calculate water loss?
  • What are the methods of measuring stomatal conductance?
  • How to choose the right measurement method for your use?
  • What is Leaf Area Index (LAI) and why measure it?
  • Best practices for measuring stomatal conductance and LAI
  • And more!


Chris Chambers operates as the Environment Support Manager and the Soil Moisture Sensor Product Manager at METER Group, the world leader in soil moisture measurement. He specializes in ecology and plant physiology and has over 10 years of experience helping researchers measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

Jeff Ritter is the Product Manager for plant, canopy, and atmospheric monitoring instrumentation here at METER. He earned his master’s degree in plant physiology from Washington State University, where his research focused on leaf-level gas exchange, and the impact of plant biochemistry on the measurement of the global carbon cycle. Prior to working at METER, he held a research faculty position at Washington State University in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences.


Our scientists have decades of experience helping researchers and growers measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

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