ATMOS 41W weather station—Atmospheric data anywhere

ATMOS 41W weather station—Atmospheric data anywhere

New all-in-one weather station with telemetry and solar panels built in—no corded connections of any kind needed.

PULLMAN—METER Environment announces the release of ATMOS 41W, a wireless all-in-one weather station with built-in solar panels and telemetry, eliminating the need for an outside power source or data logger.

One of the world’s few truly wireless weather stations, the ATMOS 41W is the most affordable research-grade station in its class. It’s robust, reliable, and simple to use. All of the telemetry is enclosed with an integrated cell module. Designed to be the easiest research-grade station to install, the ATMOS 41W can be put in a backpack, taken to your site, secured to a post pointing North, and installation is complete.

The ATMOS 41W remote weather station measures 10 environmental variables, including solar radiation, precipitation, air temperature (min, max, average), barometric pressure, vapor pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, maximum wind gust, and tilt. It takes our ultra-reliable ATMOS technology to the next level with a dual rain measurement for higher accuracy and extended range, making it one of the most robust rain gauges on the market.

It combines a drop counter and a tipping spoon to ensure accurate measurements, and it’s the only rain gauge available that can measure electrical conductivity. Now you can tell if you’re measuring rainwater, irrigation water, or if the funnel is plugged with bird droppings. Not only that, we’ve improved the solar radiation, water vapor, air temperature, and wind measurement capabilities to be more compliant with various meteorological organization observation standards.

“Accurate weather data is location-specific but putting stations out is time-consuming and expensive. With the ATMOS 41W, now you can have accurate weather AND fast, simple installations, all in one package. It’s dependable weather info whenever and wherever you need it,” says research scientist Colin Campbell.

Forget complicated and costly. If you need a truly wireless, all-in-one, remote weather station that is incredibly simple to install, low maintenance, and can withstand harsh weather conditions, we’ve got you covered. ATMOS 41W makes scientific-grade accuracy easy and affordable, so you can discover more—and work less. To learn more, visit the ATMOS 41W product page.

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